This Week at Labrums

  An update from Michael Labrum   I have just received instructions on a case which on initial reading seems simple. It is a dispute regarding the payment of an invoice. However, it is far more complex when you look at it as the invoice is for goods made abroad and supplied to the UK. Therefore, there are initial questions to answer about which country’s law applies and where the contract was made.    It could have been…


The Importance of Professional Will Writers

  An alarming proportion of the UK’s population have still not made a will. This is highlighted in a recent report released by The Law Society which revealed that 73% of 16-54 year-olds do not have a will. One of the main reasons for this is often because people believe that their assets or estate will automatically go to the people they would like it to go to. Usually that is not the case.   There is also a worrying…