How Having a Will Can Prevent Family Feuds

  Financial issues are one of the most common reasons for family arguments and when stress and emotional levels are high after the death of a loved one the last thing that is needed is a dispute about money. Despite this, 59% of Britons still do not have a will, according to new research published by Macmillan Cancer Support.   The cancer charity found that around a million Britons have experienced a family argument over money after a relative…


Is social media linked to marital unhappiness?

  According to an Ofcom study from April 2014, 66% of adults state that they currently have at least one active social media profile, with services such as Facebook, Twitter and others proving useful for staying in touch with friends and family, playing games and more. However, studies have also been conducted that suggest there is a darker side to these social media services, with a number of sources linking sites such as Facebook with marital…