Labrums Embracing New Technology

  We are delighted to continue our innovative approach and use of technology to communicate with our clients by using The Link App to keep our clients up to date.    The Link App is a revolutionary communication tool that connects us to our client’s smartphone application and is free for them to use. We use The Link App to save clients time and money by providing real time progress on their case, reducing…


Steeped in History

  Labrums is proud to be located in an area steeped in history.   As more new members of staff join the team, and people move to the area, we thought we would put together a little history of the area.   Sopwell House, opposite the Labrum’s offices, was built on the site of Sopwell Priory following the dissolution of the monasteries.   Legend has it that two local women lived as hermits beside the river and in…