‘A No-Fault Divorce’

For many years there have been discussions about the need to update divorce law.   Divorce is not easy, even if it is amicable. It is usually a time of worry, conflict and stress. It often includes financial pressure and deep worries about the children.   Right now the Divorce law in England and Wales states the only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and that one of the following five facts are met:  …


Why you should use a Solicitor to write your will

In a survey solicitors have been backed by the public as the best option to ensure that wishes written into wills are met.   In the survey by Will Aid, a partnership between the legal profession and top charities, 62% of respondents said they prefer to use a solicitor to manage their will.   The research also revealed that the public were generally unaware of the rules and regulations governing will-writers and that will-writers can practise…