Holiday Blues

Summer can be a lovely time of year but can also be very stressful for couples particularly if the relationship is not going well.   Planning and preparing for a holiday followed by uninterrupted time together and with the family can bring any cracks to the fore.   If you would like to discuss your relationship issues and potential next steps please contact us to make an appointment to see our expert Reshma Sunnassee on 01727 858807 or…


Free Family Law Surgery.

We are continually being asked how much we charge for initial consultations for family law issues, not least when it comes to couples getting divorced. Our answer is simple, the first session is free, we believe it is fundamental that clients feel comfortable and confident in their lawyer and it is not fair to charge for this session.   You can have a free 30-minute family law appointment, where you will be able to speak to our family law experts…


Abuse of Power of Attorney

The below article details how a Harpenden man attempted to defraud his stepmother using a Power of Attorney. It is vital to ensure you get expert legal advice when preparing Powers of Attorney. Carefully and professionally prepared Lasting Powers of Attorney can assist greatly where people may need, or want, assistance in looking after their affairs.  Read the full article here.   For more information call Iain Wanstall on 01727 858807…