Who’s having the children for Christmas?

While this is an exciting time of year for many people it can be a time where difficulties in a relationship can become exacerbated. Particularly if children are involved.   Most parents will want to spend time with their children over Christmas so ideally what the children might like to do needs to also be taken into account.   If you haven’t made plans already try to agree where the children will be, for how long and perhaps what…


Arbitration can be quicker and more flexible than the court system

Nigel Shepherd, chairman of the family lawyers association Resolution, of which Reshma is a member, says that family arbitrations handled by them have doubled in a year.   Arbitration can be binding or non-binding but either way can be quicker and more flexible than the court system.   Using a Resolution member solicitor will give you more flexibility and control of both your time, and has the potential to reduce your costs.  …