Should Law be changed to end Fault-Based Divorce?

Baroness Hale, the first female president of the Supreme Court and Britain’s most senior judge, is now backing the Times campaign for the law to be changed to end fault-based divorce.   Resolution has been campaigning for this change for a long time and this is a positive step.   Labrums' Family solicitor and Resolution member, Reshma, says: “the current divorce process can result in couples lying about each other to divorce…


IV Congress of International Legal Practice

Susana Diez has recently returned from a few days in Murcia at the IV Congress of International Legal Practice which was organised by the Bar Association of Murcia.   The focus of the conference was current European Legislation, new regulations specifically about Family and Property Law and the effects of Brexit. Whilst Susana can help with all aspects of Spanish law; an update on the Spanish property process for both purchase and sales, covering…


Separation & Divorce – Remember the children

With this week focusing on children in need it is important to remember what a child needs when parents are separating or divorcing. All the things your child needed before the divorce or separation will still be needed no matter what the age. How those needs get met, can be a real challenge as some parents have different parenting styles, household structures and rules.    It helps when parents are on the same page about everyday…