Buying Spanish Property

Buying a Spanish Property


Buying, selling or renting a house abroad, whether it is a holiday home or for permanent residency, can be a difficult process - especially if you are having to approach the task from overseas.


Spanish property is no different and it is highly advisable to seek specialist advice.


What do you need to consider when buying a property in Spain?


How to deal with the language barrier if you are not fluent in Spanish.


The legal system is very different to the UK.


The “right” mortgage. If you fall behind with mortgage payments in Spain the Spanish bank may not only repossess your Spanish property but lay a claim against your assets in the UK.


Interest rates and cancellation fees are communicated and calculated differently in Spain.


Residency must be applied for if you reside in Spain for more than three months.


Good legal advice to ensure:


  • The property is legally built
  • That planning permission in order
  • That you avoid becoming the victim of fraud


How we can help you


Susana Diez is a European Registered Lawyer who specialises in advising Britons buying property overseas, particularly where property development is concerned.


Susana can assist you in the purchase of your property, by giving you independent advice and dealing directly with the Vendors and their agents (or the Buyer). She will review the contract and its conditions, complete Land Registry searches and where applicable obtain building certificates and or planning status from the Council. She will also establish whether the previous owners have any unpaid utility or tax bills in relation to the property and that utilities are in fact still connected.


If you are buying a “new build” she will supervise the relevant documents from the builder, deal with bank guarantees and appoint a notary for you for completion.


After completion, Labrums will then ensure the tax is paid, the property is registered in your name at the Land Registry and that the utilities are transferred to your name.


We will forward the deeds and receipts of any payments made on your behalf (Notary, Registry’s fees, taxes, etc.) to you so you have all relevant documentation.


We can also help you by obtaining NIE numbers and arranging any money transfers that will be required for your purchase.


Within our Spanish Department there is great expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls and to ensure your purchase goes smoothly.


If you would like more information or assistance please contact Susana or Michael on 01727 858807 or email