Probate and Estates

To be entrusted with carrying out someone’s final wishes can be emotionally testing.


You are honoured to have been chosen by the friend or family member, but you feel a burden of responsibility to ensure their wishes are met when you are also grieving for your loss. It can be demanding to deal with the deceased’s personal affairs and other members of the family at a time that can bring out the worst in people.


We offer support, ensuring all the money due to an estate is collected, the right amount of tax and any debts are paid and any disputes or claims are dealt with. We can also advise on whether the terms of a will or distribution of an estate can be varied after death for the benefit of the family using a Deed of Variation.


We provide a range of services, including:


  • Administration of estates
  • Deeds of variation
  • Probate


Contact Michael on 01727 858807, he has expertise in administering estates and probate.