Selling Spanish Property

Selling a Spanish Property


Selling a house abroad, whether it is a holiday home or permanent residency, can be a difficult process - especially if you are having to approach the task from overseas.


Spanish property is no different and it is highly advisable to seek specialist advice.


What do you need to consider when selling a property in Spain?


How to deal with the language barrier if you are not fluent in Spanish.


The legal system is very different to the UK.


Do you have all the necessary documents in relation to the property? You will need:


  •   Title deeds from the property (Escritura)
  •   Water and electricity bills 
  •   Council Tax Bill (IBI – SUMA)
  •   Certification of No Infraction (Certificado de No Infracción Urbanística)
  •   Original NIE numbers
  •   Certificate of Habitation (Licencia De Primera O Segunda Ocupacion)
  •   Certificate showing that there are no outstanding debts if your property belongs to a Community of Owners
  •   EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)


Are you able to comply with your legal obligation to give “clean title”  to the new buyer?


Capital Gains Tax due



How we can help you


Susana Diez is a European Registered Lawyer who specialises in advising Britons selling property overseas.


Susana can assist you in the sale of your property, by reviewing your documentation to ensure you are in a position to give “clean title” to your buyer. She will advise you regarding obtaining a non – returnable deposit once a sale has been agreed.


You can be confident that she will draft a sale contract that secures your rights and protects your interests.


After completion, Labrums will ensure that:

  •   Transfer taxes on the new title deed and the municipal Plus Valía tax are paid
  •   Local rates on the property up to the property transfer date are paid
  •   Capital gains taxes on the sale are paid; subject to you have taken advice and confirmed calculations


We will assist you in notifying all the relevant authorities that you no longer own the property.


Within our Spanish Department there is great expertise to help you and to ensure your sale goes smoothly.


If you would like more information or assistance please contact Susana or Michael on 01727 858807 or email