Later Life

Thanks to medical advances many of us are living much longer than even 20 years ago.


Currently there are 10 million people aged 65+ in the UK. That number will increase to 15 million in less than 20 years.


Thankfully we now expect a longer life – but are we prepared for this?


The later stages of life can bring particular joys, such as seeing your grandchildren grow, but also the challenges of increasing infirmity. You need to plan for both.


At Labrums, we believe these precious extra years should not be clouded by worry and uncertainty. You’ve earned the right to feel safe and secure.


That is why we offer a comprehensive service to our later life clients. This includes:


  • Protecting your assets and managing your finances
  • Making a will, creating a lasting power of attorney and deputy orders
  • Creating a gift or legacy
  • Funding care fees, including releasing money from your home
  • Claiming money back for care home fees
  • Protecting your legal rights and gaining access to grandchildren





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