Wills and Trusts

What is the legacy you wish to leave to your family?


Stability and peace of mind?


Or confusion and distress?


If you die without a valid will, it is likely to be the latter. Anxious time and effort will be wasted in a fruitless search for this important document, only to increase when your family discovers it does not exist.


Worse, your estate is unlikely to pass to whom you expect or intend, leading to disputes and claims.


In addition, you will miss the opportunity to shield your hard-earned assets from the taxman and local authority care costs for generations to come, through ‘bloodline planning’. This also protects you from the risk of your surviving spouse or children forming relationships with someone you would not wish your estate to pass to, or getting divorced or having creditors.


At Labrums we can help you with:


  • Safeguarding your family assets
  • Preparing trusts
  • Preparing a will




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